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Physiotherapy is covered by the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) and Manitoba Public Insurance (MPIC). Physiotherapy and Massage are also covered under most private insurance companies such as Blue Cross, Great West Life, Sunlife, Greensheild, Coughlin and Associates, Desjardins, Chamber of Commerce, The Co-Operators, Manulife Financial, Claim Secure, Wawanesa and Sirius. Additional Insurances do offer Physiotherapy coverage, amount of coverage and whether or not you require a Doctor Prescription to attend varies from policy to policy.


90 MINUTE MASSAGE     $125.00

60 MINUTE MASSAGE     $85.00

30 MINUTE MASSAGE     $45.00


Our physiotherapists are educated on measuring, fitting and ordering you any brace or equipment you may require for your injury. We can also provide you with the information needed in order to pick up your item(s) yourself. Insurance coverage is available under certain plans, please check your coverage to see if you are eligible and if a doctors prescription is required.


Acupuncture is the insertion of fine, sterile needles through the skin into anatomically mapped out areas on the body called acupuncture points. Acupuncture affects the nervous and muscular systems and is used to interrupt the pain cycle, reduce muscle tension and improve circulation.


If you are suffering from lower back, hip, knee or foot & ankle pain there may be a problem with the function of your foot. Our physiotherapists will assess the architecture, strength, and mobility of your foot and ankle and decide if a custom orthotic may benefit you. Custom orthotics are prescription medical devices designed to adjust and control the functions of the foot and its alignment with the lower leg. If an orthotic is required our physiotherapists will start with an examination of your feet followed by taking impressions with plaster or impression foam. We will then send your casts and detailed prescription forms to a professional lab where your orthotics are made by trained technicians.


Physiotherapy can help those who live with a chronic condition or illness. Our therapists use an approach that considers the whole person including neurological, cardiovascular, and respiratory conditions. Visiting a physiotherapist can help prolong your health and achieve your physical activity goals.


Our physiotherapist and massage therapist can help address your stress through a variety of approaches. Physiotherapists can assess neck, shoulder and back range of motion and provide manual therapy to a dysfunctional joint or muscle that may be a source of the stress. Exercise is proven to reduce stress and our therapists can prescribe a stretching, strengthening and cardiovascular program aimed at improving your general health. Getting a massage is also an excellent way to reduce stress. Our massage therapist can provide either a soothing relaxing massage or deep therapeutic massage to assist in reducing muscle tension and stress.


Vestibular rehabilitation therapy involves the treatment of dizziness, imbalance, and vertigo. There are various causes of dizziness and vertigo, treatment selection depends on the cause or diagnosis of the symptoms. One common cause of vertigo is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo(BPPV). With BPPV a specific movement of the body will cause spinning of the room around you. BPPV occurs when there is movement of crystals in the inner ear out of their normal location causing vertigo. Vestibular therapy for BPPV utilizes a maneuver to relocate these crystals to their proper location in order to resolve symptoms. Dizziness or imbalance may also be associated with different movements of the body or eyes. A vestibular therapist can prescribe progressive exercises to improve balance and/or improve tolerance to different movements. An initial vestibular assessment will help determine the cause of symptoms which will then guide the recommended treatment plan.


Should you be unlucky enough to be involved in a car accident our physiotherapists are here to help with your recovery. Just call Manitoba Public Insurance and make a Bodily Injury Claim. The claim adjudicator will provide you with a claim number that differs from the one provided to you for the damage to your vehicle. Provide us with the Bodily Injury Claim number and we will handle the billing with Manitoba Public Insurance. You do not require a doctor referral to visit.


The Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba will cover your initial assessment and treatment by a Physiotherapist. Your physiotherapist may recommend you see your doctor depending on the severity of your injury, however, you do not require a doctors referral to attend. Inform your employer about your injury and you or a representative from your place of employment contact the Workers Compensation Board to make an injury claim. A claim number will be assigned to you and you will bring that to your first appointment. We will handle the billing with the Workers Compensation Board once the claim number is provided to us.


Have you been injured playing your favorite sport? Sports Rehabilitation addresses injuries sustained during sport. Injuries can include strains, sprains, muscle, tendon and ligament repairs, meniscal injuries, tendonitis, shoulder separations or dislocation, foot or ankle fractures and sprains and post-surgery rehabilitation. Our physiotherapist will assess your injury and provide early treatment to alleviate pain and protect the injured site. As you heal we will work with you through a progressive rehabilitation strategy aimed at restoring full functional ability so that you can confidently return to play. Our physiotherapist and Massage therapist use a team approach that includes communication referring physicians, team trainers and coaches.


Our physiotherapists can treat temporomandibular disorders (TMJ) which may cause pain in your face and jaw during activities like eating, talking, yawning or even at rest.